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Goon Garage


About Us

Goon Garage is a custom automotive fabrication service which seeks to bring the greater Los Angeles County the means to make repairs, customized build plans, and performance part installations. Goon Garage was founded in 2017 by Richard Sherbrooke and Nicola Amato, who both share the enthusiasm and curiosity of the automotive world. We will help you find the highest quality combination of performance, handling, and cosmetic modifications for you in order to meet your wildest desires. We know every case is different, and are eager to fulfill any automotive dream car build.


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Goon Garage offers a free diagnosis for all engine related problems as well as preliminary consultations for future builds.

Our Promise

We promise to plan and execute each and every repair or build with precision and satisfaction at the highest priority. Only the best quality performance parts will be used to ensure that each unique build is flawless inside and out.