General Maintenance and Repairs

For those who seek to perform their regular maintenance for their automobiles, or to repair a car to its glory days, Goon Garage offers quality affordable OEM or aftermarket support for maintaining vehicle reliability and driveability. Goon Garage offers a list of services including a previous work history of:


- Fluids: Oil, Coolant, Differential, or
- Alternator Repairs
-Water Pumps
- Power Steering Pumps
-Serpentine Belt Replacements
- Intercoolers
-Blow Off Valves
- Intake Systems
- Filters
-Spark Plugs and Wires
- Ignition Coils
- Fuel Injectors
- Fuel Pumps
- Battery Test and Replacements
- Radiators
- Radiator Hoses
- Brake Pads
- Rotor Replacements
- Full Brake Overhauls
- Master Cylinder Replacements
- Coilovers
-Sway Bars
- Control Arms
-Strut Tower Braces
-Head Gaskets
- Valve Cover Gaskets
-Oil Pan Gaskets
-Starter Replacements
- Distributor Replacements
- Carburetor Refresh or Replacements
- Intake Manifolds
- Throttle Bodies
- Headers
- Catch Cans
- Pullies


- Splitter Installations
- Trunk Spoiler Installations
- Rear Diffuser Installations
- Sound System Upgrades
- Fender Rolling
- Vinyl Wraps



Street Performance Build

The street performance customer is looking to increase the power of their engine and performance of their suspension through bolt-on power modifications, suspension parts, or exhaust modifications. This customer has a very specific vision for what styling he or she is trying to achieve with their specific parts to tailor to their needs. Goon Garage offers help with planning a parts package as well as with installation of parts for customer, novice or pro.

Race Car Build

The race car customer will spare no expense in terms of performance and is generally interested in making power through performance parts such as engine modifications, suspension modifications or exhaust modifications. Race car customers will need intimate help with their style of racing as parts will be tailored to their needs. 

Show Car Build

Show car customers can vary greatly, but are less interested in performance modifications in favor of cosmetic modifications. This customer will be interested in custom body work, paint or wraps, suspension parts and other exterior and interior modifications. Customers will vary in terms of build, and  will pick their own personal blend of parts to create a desired "look." Goon Garage can help in the process of finding a look which satisfies the customer, installing the parts, and quality assuring that the attention to detail will be sure to turn heads.

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